How much sleep should a baby get according to its age?

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Sleep, and lots of it, is essential for your baby's proper physical and psychological development. Find out how many hours they need to sleep, whether or not they should nap and some tips for them to learn sleep routines.

Why do babies need so much sleep?

Replenishing strength, growing, maturing, assimilating the world, a baby does all this while it sleeps. Because sleep, and lots of it, is essential for their correct physical and psychological development. Hence the importance of instilling good sleeping habits, although the intensity and duration of sleep varies according to the age and needs of the child.

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Evolution of baby's sleep by months

0-3 months

The baby spends most of its time asleep because its brain is still very immature. They remain in the foetal position, with their hands closed and their arms and legs bent. Their sleep is shallow and discontinuous: they wake up every 3-4 hours, most of the time because they are hungry.

3-6 months

He still sleeps a lot, although as he approaches three months, he sleeps for longer hours and is more alert between feedings. His biological rhythm is evolving and he can begin to distinguish between day and night.

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6-12 months

Sleeps 15-16 hours a day. At night they usually sleep between 10 and 12 hours. The rest is divided between two or three naps.

1-2 years

At this age, children need 12-14 hours of sleep in total. At night, they can sleep 11 hours at a stretch and the rest in one or two naps.

The nap

A child under one and a half years old can take two naps, one after breakfast and another, longer one, after lunch. From the age of one and a half years onwards, the after-feeding nap is maintained and can continue until at least four years of age.

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