The best utensils to make feeding your baby easier

Baby Food Bowl Set
After the first few months of breastfeeding, a baby needs to start introducing new foods to their diet. However, it is clear that they do not have the ease of an adult to do so, so special utensils are needed to facilitate their feeding, as well as gradually enhance their autonomy. In they list the best utensils to make feeding easier for the little one.

Baby bottles

Undoubtedly the first utensil to advance in feeding is the bottle, which adapts to the way of eating that the baby has had since birth. It allows him to drink all kinds of liquids such as follow-on milk, juice or water.

Little by little you can put in the bottle porridges that are not too thick, so that the baby gets used to new textures.

The bottle's teat is fundamental, as well as a good sterilization to protect its defenses.

Newborn Bottle



Another element that will help while the baby eats is a bib, which will keep him clean when some food falls or in case he vomits, which is frequent, especially at the beginning.

MiBabyTienda recommends having a good amount of them, because it is normal that after each meal you have to put them in the washing machine. Before 6 months of life, synthetic fiber bibs should be avoided and natural fabrics should be used instead.

In addition to traditional bibs, you can find models that cover the entire front part of the body, including the arms. This way you will only have to remove it for washing and the baby will stay completely clean.

Baby Bibs Colored


Cutlery sets and plates

The function of these is the same as that of the tableware intended for adults, although they are smaller in size and the material from which they are made is light and easy to clean.

The plates are made so as not to break if dropped, and have no edges that could cause cuts or damage to the little ones. The cutlery also has a very smooth finish.

It is best to choose a set of cutlery and plates that can be put in the dishwasher to facilitate the washing process just like the rest of the family dinnerware.

Baby Feeding Set



After the bottle, it's time for them to start drinking from a cup. Although a normal one at first is not the best option. Baby cups are designed to help them get started in this process, with handles so they can hold it well and a nozzle that not only allows them to drink on their own, but also controls the flow of liquid.

Later on, these cups can be changed for others more similar to the normal ones, made of the same materials as the plates.


Toodler cup


High chairs for babies

In order for him to sit comfortably while learning to eat, it is important to use a highchair. It keeps him in the right position and allows him to eat properly.

The best option is an evolving high chair that adapts to the child's growth, and becomes his chair when he sits at the table with others when possible.

The feeding process of a baby is something very important for its development, so having the best utensils to facilitate the transition while incorporating new food groups is essential. In addition, they allow the baby to gradually be the one who can eat alone.

Baby Feeding Chair

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