Why is the use of baby teethers so important?

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The eruption of the first teeth causes a lot of discomfort and pain to your baby. It is very normal that during this period your child is restless, upset, with crying and a certain compulsion to bite or rub his gums to relieve the eruption of teeth.

It is a complicated time to go through, parents are overwhelmed by not being able to give relief to their baby; and the baby is a victim of a very strong and desperate pain in his gums. To try to alleviate this discomfort there are several products such as teethers, gels that act on the area and home remedies.

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Baby teethers are very practical and useful as they allow the baby to bite down on them to relieve pain.

Available in various formats, models and functionalities, teethers are great allies in this stage of first teeth.


What are baby teethers for?

- They help in the gum-breaking process to allow teeth to erupt.

- They relieve gum discomfort through a rough biting surface.

- Soothe gum inflammation through the cooling gel inside. This gel when cooled in the refrigerator and then bitten, applies cold soothing the area.

- Entertainment, since it is also possible to find teethers that include a didactic plus, that is to say, a component that attracts the child's attention through play.

When thinking of solutions to alleviate your baby's discomfort with the eruption of his first teeth, count on the help of baby teethers.


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Find the best brands and styles of baby teethers on our website.

All of them are designed with the purpose of strengthening your baby's teeth without causing pain or crying, calming the baby and in many cases entertaining them with music or sounds.

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