10 Benefits of newborn loungers

Sleep systems for the youngest members of the household are evolving. The newborn loungers stand out among the latest additions to this universe of articles to guarantee the well-being of the little one during their sleeping hours.

But the benefits don't end there! In addition to safety and ease of transport, they can also be used as a play area or as a co-sleeping cot, as well as acting as a cot reducer.

Ready to find out all the advantages of nesting cots? Come in and take note.

Baby Sleep Crib

What are trundle beds and why are they a good option for baby's rest?

With the arrival of a newborn baby, mums and dads make every effort to equip their nursery with everything they need to guarantee their wellbeing. From items that favour the baby's walk, to their bath and, of course, the rest of your offspring.

In this post we will take a closer look at this last point and, in particular, at one of the sleep systems that year after year is gaining more and more followers for its combination of comfort and safety for the baby, as well as versatility of use and lightness for the brave parents.

You've guessed it. We are talking about the nesting cots for babies that you can find in our online catalogue in a variety of models.

If this concept has reached your ears but you don't know exactly what they are and what they are for, don't worry because we'll clear up all your doubts.


1 - Full adaptation to your body
So soft and cushioned! Mi Baby Tienda's baby cots are made of 100% polyester material, with a soft base and waterproof finish so that there is no trace of dampness.

Unlike the traditional bassinet, this sleep system stands out for the softness of the manufacturing materials as well as the anatomical shapes that allow full adaptation to the body of the treasure of the house.

2 - Lightweight and easy to transport
You're in the kitchen and you're worried that your baby will wake up and get a bump from the cot. Has this thought or something similar haunted you on more than one occasion? Start relaxing and just enjoy your baby.

Bring your carry cot into the living room so your baby can join you while you read a book or relax on the sofa watching your little one's face in a comfortable and safe environment.

3 - No trace of moisture
Thanks to the waterproof finish of all the cot nest models available at Mi Baby Tienda, moisture will never appear while your baby rests, sleeps or plays.

Quite the opposite. They will have a great time on this protected and soft surface and, as they are even smaller than a cot, the baby will be warmer and will enjoy a cosier feeling.

4 - The perfect cot reducer - double safety!
Another of its most outstanding applications is its use as a cot reducer for the baby's cot.

By placing it inside the cot, it reduces the space inside the cot, allowing the cherub to rest on a padded, comfortable and protected surface, without the risk of possible bumps with the structure of the cot.

Remember that the baby has spent 9 months in a small space such as its mother's womb. For this reason, when it is born, it will require a small environment that provides the same safety.

5 - Co-sleeping advocates? Better with a cradle nest.
If you want your baby to sleep with you in your bed, nest cots for co-sleeping are the best alternative.

As they are small, they hardly take up any space in the bed, the baby sleeps next to you but isolated at the same time and with maximum peace of mind for the parents, as there is no fear of hurting them or even causing them to suffocate.

6 - Safety, safety and more safety
The advantages of the nesting cots for babies that you have just read about translate into more guarantees for the optimal rest of the little one, avoiding unforeseen shocks when moving in the cot and reducing the risk of sudden death.

7 - The perfect alternative to the travel cot
A weekend getaway or a visit to the grandparents' house. Thinking of taking the travel cot with you? Go for the most manageable option for the first weeks of your prince or princess's life: the portable nest cot.

It takes up hardly any space and, as we will highlight in the next point, you can place it on the floor, on the sofa or even on a table.

8 - Suitable for a variety of surfaces
A traditional cot or minicot finds its main location in the baby's room, without much room for movement.

On the other hand, the baby's cot can not only be moved from here to there with little effort, but you can place it on any surface, from the floor for the little one to play while you are with him, resting on the sofa or placing it on the table. All are advantages!

9 - Turn it into a changing table or play area for the little one. It's easy!
In addition to all this versatility, there are two more possible uses: as a changing table and/or a play area.

To change your baby's nappy or clothes with maximum comfort, in the Mi Baby Shop cot models you only have to remove the buttoned strap included in the padded base. In the blink of an eye, the cot is transformed into a baby changing table.

Do you like to see your little one's smile while you play with him? Do it while you're on the sofa or on your bed by placing your little one in the nest cot. This way he will be comfortable and protected while having fun.

10 - Hygiene is guaranteed and easy to wash
As well as acting against humidity, another benefit of the baby cots is how easy they are to clean and care for.

All models designed by Mi Baby Tienda have a removable cover with a zip. Therefore, when you need a wash, remove the cover, put it in the washing machine and that's it! As good as new so that your little one can continue to enjoy their cot nest with maximum hygiene guarantees.

As you have seen, you are looking at one of the most complete rest systems for the first months of baby's life.

Now it's your turn to learn first hand the advantages of the nest cots for the baby to sleep, rest, play, or as an ally of co-sleeping with two common denominators in all uses: safety and comfort.

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