Why is it so important to have a baby bouncer?

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There are many parents who use baby bouncers at home and many of them wonder: What are the benefits for my baby? Is it really safe? At what age can I start using it? ...

In this blog we will clarify many of these questions, stay and learn everything you need to know about the baby bouncer.

What is a baby bouncer?

The baby bouncer consists of a padded seat with a sloping backrest so that the baby has a lying position when sitting in it. It is usually rocking and can even have music and vibration. It is a safe place to leave your baby and its slightly inclined position will allow them to have visual contact with everything around them and feel more integrated into the family. We will have peace of mind knowing that nothing can happen to him in his hammock. For this, the hammock has harnesses or belts to prevent the child from falling or slipping.

The little one can also sleep in the hammock, as many of them have a full reclining position and we can take it anywhere in the house or even outside to the terrace, the garden, the park, the beach... because it is very light and easy to transport.

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 Benefits of baby bouncers

On the basis that nothing replaces the arms of parents and that children need to move to develop their motor skills, orientation, etc., baby bounces are an ideal solution for those inevitable moments when parents need to leave their little ones in a safe place to do some task. Putting the washing machine on, ironing, drying hair, preparing dinner or answering a phone call are all complicated things when you have to keep an eye on a baby's safety. Bouncers allow parents to lay their children down in a safe place, close to them, while they carry out household chores or work.

In addition, baby bouncers are usually reclining and can be tilted in different positions, and at certain times they can perform complementary functions to those they were originally designed for. For example, they can be used to feed the baby: first baby food or even bottles, when it is not convenient to move the children to the highchair.

They can also be used for the baby to take a nap, or even to play, as many bouncers have the option of hanging toy arches. With both hands free, they can pick up objects, touch them, bite them, suck them... and play for a long time, with the advantage of being held in a safe and comfortable place.

But to benefit from the advantages offered by hammocks, we must select a hammock that is ergonomic, comfortable, breathable, stable and easy to wash. In short, it must be a safe product for the baby's body and in relation to its environment.

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Are baby bouncers safe?

 Baby bouncers are safe, as corroborated by this study published in 2014, which concludes that if used correctly they do not pose a risk to the baby. But... How to use them correctly?

The study points out that baby bouncers should never be used at night (or during the day) without adult supervision. A baby bouncer is not a crib, and is not intended for long sleep, but rather for rocking or napping under the supervision of a parent. In this way you are eliminating any possible danger.


How to choose the best baby bouncer?

The maximum weight for which the hammock is approved is important and you should take this into account because if you use the hammock with too much weight it can tip over.
Make sure that the hammock has a locking system that leaves it completely fixed so that it does not close unexpectedly.
Choose a model that reclines in several positions.
The harness or belt should be safe and have several positions so that you can continue to use it as your child grows.
It is recommended that the fabric is removable, washable and breathable.
Make sure the structure is rigid and stable to prevent it from tipping over.


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